To Bin Or Not To Bin: Where Did My Bin Go?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | NetSuite Fundamentals, New to NetSuite


In NetSuite, managing inventory discrepancies between the Inventory Detail tab and the Purchasing/Inventory/Location quantities is crucial for NetSuite inventory management. This process is particularly important for scenarios like correcting incorrectly entered Inventory Transfers. To ensure that the quantity in a bin matches the quantity in the Location, a systematic approach is needed.

Process Overview:

The first step in this process is to create a search that identifies any discrepancies between the bin quantity and the Location quantity. These searches can be used to pinpoint specific issues and provide a detailed inventory status, helping to reconcile the inventory on hand against items not in bins.

Inventory Balance Research

You can filter on the item to see all of the inventory balances by bin and location.  This will show counts that are without a bin assignment.

Bin Item Receipts – No Bin Assignment

This search shows all item receipt transactions that are not associated with a bin number by item.  This can be filtered to a specific item to see that history. Looking at the item in the Inventory Balance Report and then at the item record bin detail, one can see that they might not be displaying all of the available inventory there because the item# was NOT received in a bin.

Having an issue because the inventory count isn’t matching the bin detail counts, is probably the issue. Go back to the transaction responsible for the missing bin assignment and update it to assign a bin that you can get on the other report that is transaction-based.

Here is the transaction search filtered to that same item

If the bin is set as preferred, click on the Inventory Detail of the item on the Item Receipt, it will choose that bin as the default selection.  If the item receipt is generated and the user does not select the inventory detail, it is possible it can bypass a bin assignment.

Take the item receipt for the units for the item, edit it and click on the inventory detail for the item.  It might default to the item preferred bin. Set the quantity to the same # and save.  Now the inventory and bin counts should be in sync for that item. If you need help with this process connect with NetSuite experts today!


Bin Management helps to track the number of items held within the warehouse in a particular bin. NetSuite Bin Management System improves the inventory management of a warehouse, allowing the inventory to be received into appropriate bins, within the rack system. This helps to track the stock level of a particular item based on the order fulfillment and know what items need to be stocked, and where, after receiving from a vendor. 

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