PDF Alterations Part 3: Check Templates 

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Tech Talk


Standard transaction PDF templates usually provide a fair amount of helpful information, so much so, some may decide to use the default forms. However, this is not the case when looking at check templates. The standard templates either work or do not, there is no middle ground. 


This post will cover the structure of a Standard US Voucher Check and examine potential edits or enhancements commonly needed.  


Navigate to the path shown above and select Advanced PDF/HTML Templates. On the next page, click Customize to the left of the Standard US Voucher Check as seen below. This will open the advanced PDF edit page. Once open, click the radio button next to Source Code, exposing the HTML code.


Radio Button:

Standard Preview – Red is the check and blue is the voucher: 

The voucher check, as the name implies, includes vouchers when printing. Depending on business needs, this template can be set up to accommodate any of the three layout variations. Two formats consist of the check followed by two vouchers, or two vouchers followed by the check. The last variation places the check in the middle of two vouchers. This decision may already be made depending on the check stock being used. Check stock refers to the blank document that a check will print on while including space for two vouchers. 

Standard Check HTML:

The Standard US Voucher Check starts with the check followed by two vouchers. The standard code as seen above is geared toward the formatting of an actual check. This process will take some trial and error if not using a NetSuite-compatible check stock. The main sections of interest are outlined in the red boxes. Each number value within the box represents a value that dictates the placement of each attribute of the check. Similarly, below is an example of what the voucher section of the standard template looks like.  

Voucher HTML:

Depending on the intended use of the check template, whether it be for customers, vendors, or both, the voucher sections may need to be altered. If the template is for both vendors and customers, logic will need to be added to validate what type of vouchers are needed in addition to the HTML formatting of alternative voucher sections. An example includes adding a table to each voucher section that populates when paying multiple bills for the same vendor at one time. 

Vendor Payment Example – Red is the check while blue is the voucher table:


While customizing the check template in NetSuite can be a tedious task, it is an imperative one if utilizing printed checks. There is also no one-size-fits-all when looking at this task, instead, there are many variables, and this leads to a lack of examples for those customizing a template. 
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