NetSuite Approval Workflow: Rejection Reason Suitelet 

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Tech Talk


Configuring an approval workflow can be a daunting task for new NetSuite users. And, even if you are a seasoned administrator you’ll have to mitigate the issue of capturing a rejection reason depending on the end user’s type of business. 


This post will provide an overview of the steps necessary to create a Suitelet that captures rejection reasons using a NetSuite approval workflow. Additionally, we outline the steps to take to add the reject reason to the record being evaluated, even if the approver does not have edit permissions. 

Start with ensuring the workflow is created referencing a rejection reason custom transaction body field. The sample image below shows the workflow for vendor bill approval routing. 

1. Define Suitelet: 

Create a Suitelet script like the sample below for Vendor Bill approval routing. Suitelets are server-side scripts that run on the NetSuite server and generate custom UI forms or pages. 

2. Deployment: 

Deploy the Suitelet: 

  • Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripts
  • Create a new script record using the provided script. 
  • Deploy the script as a Suitelet. 
  • Set the appropriate permissions for the script. 
3. Integrate Suitelet with Vendor Bill Workflow: 

After creating the Suitelet, a connection with the Vendor Bill workflow will need to be created. Modify the existing workflow in NetSuite to include a state where the Suitelet is triggered. This could be done, for example, in the “Rejected” state. Add a “Go To Page” action using the Suitelet URL. 

In the Suitelet code, handle the POST request to capture the rejection reason submitted via the NetSuite online forms. Then perform any necessary actions, such as updating the Vendor Bill record with the rejection reason. 

4. Redirecting User: 

After processing the rejection reason, redirect the user back to the Vendor Bill record or any other appropriate destination. 

5. Testing: 

Test the Suitelet thoroughly to ensure it functions as expected within the Vendor Bill approval workflow. 


This example provides a basic framework for creating a Suitelet to capture rejection reasons for Vendor Bill records in NetSuite. Further customization of the Suitelet may be needed depending on your specific requirements and workflow.

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