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by | Dec 16, 2022 | Tech Talk


There are many ways to enhance the performance of a NetSuite account.  In NetSuite tools, some are more cost-effective but require manual changes, while others need minimal configuration but are an additional cost. One option stands out when looking for a quick return and minimal output. SuiteCloud Plus is a clear contender when evaluating options for quick implementation. 


This post will provide an overview of SuiteCloud Plus and the key attributes provided by this license. There are four areas where SuiteCloud Plus is designed to improve integration: concurrency, processors, import queues/ threads, and REST asynchronous processors.  

An important note: SuiteCloud Plus is not included with NetSuite out of the box–it is an elective upgrade. The maximum number of licenses that can be added to an account depends on the service tier associated with the NetSuite account. As seen in the table below, there are four tiers all with diverse levels of throughput, which is described as the actual amount of data being transferred while bandwidth is a gauge of the maximum potential. 

By increasing the integration concurrency potential, more integrations can run in parallel, which would directly impact the performance of a NetSuite account. It is advised that the total number of integrations running during peak times be considered when looking at license specifications. 

The number of processors available directly corresponds to the speed at which batch processes or scheduled scripts can run. It is a frequent practice to utilize scheduled and batch processes to make better use of non-peak times. When configuring SuiteCloud Plus, the user can provide priority levels, submission times, and preferences. All listed aspects affect the algorithm used with multiple processors.  
Depending on the business processes in place, the use of CSV imports can vary greatly. Some users may not need to increase how fast files can be uploaded while others depend on being able to upload substantial amounts of data in minimal time. By purchasing the SuiteCloud License, the number of queues and threads available simultaneously increase.

CSV Import Assistant Step 2: 

Much like the previous point about increasing the number of processors, REST asynchronous processing specifically deals with web services where long-running requests are needed. Increasing the number of processors will negate potential disruptions during slow or unstable connections to NetSuite. 

If you need more information on the same, then feel free to get in touch with NetSuite experts, they will be happy to assist you in every way possible.


It is easy to see how much value SuiteCloud Plus can add to any NetSuite account. Whether improving one aspect of throughput or utilizing all areas mentioned above, this license should be considered when looking at optimizing NetSuite.  

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