Enhance Customer Service By Enlisting Case Management

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Tech Talk


When selling items as a product, there will inevitably be a time when one or many of those items need to be replaced or returned. There are many options when approaching this situation and a few factors to consider based on the business processes being utilized. 


This post will give a basic overview of case management and the steps this process might take. RA’s (Return Authorizations) are commonly linked to cases and will also be discussed when looking at factors to consider. 

Cases are metaphorically like manila envelopes in which documents of varying types can be added to the envelope to help color the picture of what has occurred. Regardless of the number of documents added to the manila envelope, it still represents one envelope or one case. 

Configuration List:

In NetSuite, cases are highly customizable, as seen from the configuration list above. When looking at this list, some items might be highly valued while others do not relate to the business using NetSuite. Depending on the size of the company using the case management processes, there might be many teams involved in the resolution while smaller teams might have one person managing the entire process. Working through the configuration list will allow an administrator to tailor the case management process to fit their needs. 

Cases can be created for distinct reasons. Depending on the reason for a case, the process may flow in a manner that has many steps or there can be fewer steps, like handling a single return. RA’s can be created both linked or unlinked to a case. By linking RA’s to a case, more information can be included, which can be useful for reporting and enhancing customer service. An example of a case management flow can be seen below. 

If you want to know more about this configuration list, then feel free to connect with NetSuite experts. An example of a case management flow can be seen below. 

Flow Chart: 

Other factors to consider when configuring case management will be influenced by business processes already in use. The already established processes could include whether advanced replacement is an option, or if the product being returned needs to be received prior to sending a new one? Or should the customer receive a credit versus a refund?  


Case management may not seem important when first setting up a NetSuite environment, but it is imperative to have a plan and make the decision that may impact how business is done before the need arises. If a company waits to implement case management, this will surely negatively impact its customer service. 

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