Summary Criteria: Elevating Saved Searches  

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Tech Talk


NetSuite saved searches are a powerful tool for querying and reporting. In NetSuite tools, the summary criteria feature allows users to summarize and group search results based on specific criteria. This can be useful for generating aggregated data, such as total sales by product category or average transaction amounts by customer. 


This post outlines the summary criteria functionality and how it can enhance saved searches. The feature is especially useful when users have already created a search using many of the result summary type options but need to filter the results with more specificity. 

When creating a saved search, the results tab includes the columns returned when the search is run. While not utilizing any summary functionality, only one set of results is generated. If the user adds an aggregation type, such as Group to a field in the results tab, two sets of results are generated when running the search. The first set or summary view will contain only the data that has been grouped together. Each result contains hyperlink to a secondary detailed view which will include all records in the group and each record contains the data for all fields previously set under the results tab. 

The criteria summary functionality allows users to add conditions to further filter or exclude aggregate results. Any record that can be grouped but doesn’t match the condition will not be included in the summary or detailed view of the saved search results. 

Steps to Create a Saved Search with Summary Criteria: 

Create or Edit a Saved Search

Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches

Configure Basic Search Criteria

Set up the basic filters and conditions for the search. This defines the data that will be summarized. 

Add Result Data

Define what fields should be returned when the search is run.

Add Summary Types

This will summarize and group results by the fields configured. 

Add Summary Criteria

Under the Criteria tab, select Summary and add applicable criteria that will filter the summarized results. 

Configure Summary Criteria

Choose the summary type that will be used to filter, such as Count, Average, and Sum. Then select the field this criteria will evaluate, in addition to the condition.

Save and Run the Search

Once the previous steps are complete, Save and Run the search to view the results.

Results with Summary Criteria Configured (Period is Greater than 1):


Although the steps and terminology might vary slightly based on your specific use case, NetSuite configuration, and setup it’s a good practice to refer to NetSuite’s official documentation or seek assistance from a NetSuite Administrator for specific guidance related to your needs.  

If you need any assistance in these steps, please feel free to connect with NetSuite experts, they will be happy to help you in every way possible.

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