SuitePeople: Overview of Tools and Processes 

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Not all users of NetSuite incorporate payroll into their subscription, but if they do, SuitePeople is a wonderful NetSuite ERP. Once the initial configuration has been done, the processes are easy to learn, in addition to giving flexibility and power to the end user.


This post will provide an overview of SuitePeople, which is offered within the larger NetSuite platform. SuitePeople is designed to manage and optimize various HR-related functions. NetSuite Tools offers a system in place to streamline various HR processes, some of which are listed below, and all have the potential to enhance the overall experience of end users:

  1. Core HR: Manages employee data, such as personal information, employment history, and organizational details. It provides a centralized database for HR-related information. 
  1. Payroll Management: Facilitates payroll processing, including tax calculations, deductions, direct deposits, and compliance with local regulations. 
  1. Payroll Testing: Perform thorough testing of the SuitePeople payroll batches in Production. Although payroll batches cannot be initiated in Sandbox, there is an option to configure the payroll batches to run in a testing mode. 
  1. Benefits Management: Access to information about company-provided benefits, such as healthcare plans, insurance policies, retirement savings, and the ability to make selections or changes during open enrollment periods. 
  1. Time Tracking/Time Off Requests: Employees can request time off directly through the system, check remaining vacation days and/or sick leave balances, and track the status of requests. 
  1. Analytics and Reporting: Offers insights into HR data through customizable reports and analytics, enabling informed data-driven decision-making. 
  1. Employee Self-Service Portal: SuitePeople provides a dedicated portal where employees can access and manage their personal information, such as contact details, emergency contacts, and personal documents. 
  1. Performance Management: Some versions of NetSuite ERP might include performance management tools, allowing employees to set goals, provide self-assessments, and track progress within the system.
  1. Organizational Charts and Directory: Visual representation of the company’s organizational structure and an employee directory. 
  1. Communication and Notifications: Receive important company announcements, reminders for pending tasks, or alerts related to HR policies and procedures. 
  1. Document Management: Access to company policies, handbooks, and other relevant documents or forms. 


SuitePeople integrates seamlessly with other modules within NetSuite, allowing for a holistic view of the entire business operation. SuitePeople aims to streamline HR-related tasks for employees, providing them with easy access to pertinent information and tools to manage work-life aspects effectively within the NetSuite environment. This self-service NetSuite Tool not only empowers employees but also reduces the administrative burden for HR departments by allowing individuals to handle many routine tasks independently.

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