Records Catalog: Uncover Metadata Under the Surface

by | Nov 25, 2023 | New to NetSuite


When working with NetSuite as an end user, administrator, or consultant, there will certainly be situations where the origin and relationships of a field need to be exposed. This information can provide insight into possible dependencies and can be found within the Records Catalog. 


This post will provide an overview of the Records Catalog, a seemingly overlooked tool provided by us. NetSuite tools provide valuable insight into the current NetSuite environment. 

As a user with permission to access the Records Catalog, navigate to Setup > Records Catalog. This will take the user to a new page that includes a search bar and a list of record types available to the SuiteScript and Rest Query API. This is a known limitation, as stated in the NetSuite help documentation. While this tool provides much information, not all record types are available. 

In the example above, the Advanced PDF/HTML Template was selected on the left-side menu. After clicking the specific record type, the right side of the screen will update to provide the original name, ID, record family, and the origin. Directly under the record type selected in the list, a new line was exposed titled SuiteScript and REST Query API. By clicking this newly available option, the screen will update and provide a deeper level of data about the record type. 

The page defaults to the Fields tab, as seen above, which lists all fields associated with the record type selected. Each field listed will have the name, ID, type, availability, feature, permission, and joins. This information can be beneficial when looking for dependencies and relationships. Additionally, field-level help can be found when clicking the information bubbles. The field ID can be copied in a single click. 

The ability to quickly view relationships and copy IDs of specific fields will also help team members who create and update SuiteScripts. 


While the Records Catalog may not be the best tool to find all dependencies and relationships within a NetSuite environment, it is certainly a great starting point. This is just one of many NetSuite tools which offers to help gain a high-level view of an entire environment.

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