NetSuite Approval Routing: the Good, the Bad, the Irrelevant

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Tech Talk


There are many ways NetSuite users can implement approval routing for various transactions. Approval routing can be created from scratch using workflows or prebuilt bundles can be utilized. This post will discuss factors to consider when choosing which path to implement in NetSuite tools


NetSuite offers two main options for setting up approval workflows: the NetSuiteApprovals bundle and the basic approval workflows built into the core NetSuite platform

NetSuiteApprovals Bundle: 

The NetSuiteApprovals bundle is an advanced solution that provides enhanced functionality for approval routing workflows. It offers features like multi-level approval chains, complex approval conditions, and greater flexibility in designing approval processes.  

Key factors to consider: 

Flexibility: The bundle provides a higher level of customization, allowing for sophisticated approval processes with multiple approval stages, dynamic conditions, and advanced routing logic. 

Complex Conditions: Set up approval conditions based on various criteria such as record fields, transaction amounts, specific roles, and custom-defined criteria. 

Multi-Level Approvals: Design workflows with multiple tiers of approvers, accommodating scenarios in which different levels of management need to review and approve transactions. 

Advanced Notifications: The bundle offers advanced email notification capabilities, allowing for notifications to be sent to specific individuals or groups at various stages of the approval process. 

Visibility and Reporting: The bundle may provide more detailed tracking and reporting options to monitor the progress of approval workflows and identify bottlenecks.

Basic Approval Routing Workflows: 

NetSuite also provides built-in approval workflow functionality as part of its core platform. This option is simpler and suitable for organizations with less complex approval processes.  

Key characteristics of the basic approval routing workflows: 

Simplicity: Basic approval workflows are simpler to set up and manage, making them suitable for straightforward approval processes. 

Limited Complexity: Ability to define basic approval conditions and routes, the customization options are more limited compared to the NetSuiteApprovals bundle. 

Single-Level Approvals: Basic approval workflows typically support single-level approvals, making them suitable for scenarios where a single approver is sufficient. 

Standard Notifications: Notifications can be sent out at specific points in the workflow, but the notification options might be less advanced compared to the bundle. 

Ease of Use: For organizations with straightforward approval needs, the built-in approval workflows offer a user-friendly approach to setting up approvals. 


In summary, the choice between the NetSuiteApprovals bundle and basic approval routing workflows depends on the complexity needed within the approval processes. If complex multi-level approval processes with intricate conditions and routing logic are required, the NetSuiteApprovals bundle might be the better choice. If approval processes are relatively simple and straightforward, the built-in approval workflows could be sufficient and easier to implement. 

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