The Ultimate Guide to Matrix Items: What They Are and How to Use Them

by | Oct 4, 2022 | NetSuite Fundamentals


Have you ever considered utilizing the matrix item feature in your NetSuite account to help manage the items sold with many with a multitude of combinations? Variations can include different colors, sizes, materials, and much more. This feature allows you to easily create and manage a single parent item with many children items comprising the available variations. For example, a shirt might be offered in various sizes and colors, but it can also be used for anything that is sold with different options. The benefits of having NetSuite Matrix Items allow users to simplify the creation process and improve their data accuracy.


Creating a matrix item is much like creating many other items but it does take some planning to really benefit. It can be created by following the path List > Accounting > Items > New and selecting the Matrix item option as shown above. The Matrix Item Assistant will guide the creation of the parent item along with any necessary sub-lists. The sub lists included in the matrix item creation will be used to calculate all the possible variations of the parent item. The next step of the NetSuite Matrix Items Assistant is very important and allows for the naming convention to be formatted. The name template is an integral part of using the Matrix Item Assistant because this format you enter generates the child items, and by leveraging NetSuite for bulk item creation human error is minimized. Below are some examples of naming templates, some more readable than others. We recommend collaborating with your team to plan these naming conventions.

Matrix Item Name Template Example:

Poor Naming Convention:

Improved Naming Convention:

Based on the number of lists and list items provided in step three, the system will generate all possible combinations. As shown above, 108 combinations were created by providing three sizes, six colors, two types, and three materials.


The NetSuite Matrix Items can help enhance the look and feel of your webstore by making it easier for customers to navigate through the various products in it. It can also help you manage multiple items that are sold with varying options. With a matrix item feature, the customer can easily pick the ones that are available for purchase. The efficiency and data integrity of the matrix relationship improves with the number of sub items added. This feature allows the data entry process to be streamlined and ensures that the information is consistent across all the products. In addition to creating multiple sub items seamlessly, the Matrix wizard can also be used to add additional item details such as the price and description.

Aside from improving the data integrity and efficiency of the matrix relationship, the addition of NetSuite Matrix Items can also help facilitate the process of reporting and transaction processing. Parent items are restricted from being sold or purchased, ensuring that only children items are entered in transactions. This feature allows for the grouping of the various products so that they can easily be compared and displayed in reports.

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