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by | Feb 16, 2023 | NetSuite Fundamentals, New to NetSuite


Anyone who uses NetSuite already knows, it is an excellent cloud-based ERP system. NetSuite ERP system has leading practice functionality built into the system everywhere, and more than likely there are prebuilt add-on modules, SuiteApps, and bundles available; some for free and some at an additional cost that will allow you to extend the functionality in amazing ways. There are also prebuilt connectors and integration tools available to easily integrate NetSuite with other applications to even further extend your capabilities to an almost limitless degree.

There are lots of savvy NetSuite customers out in the world and there are also companies that have business users that rely on consultants to assist them with expanding their functionalities to extend the NetSuite system. Many of the latter don’t know what they don’t know and that’s ok, but it is up to us as the consultants to make sure that we are properly steering the ship with thoughtful analysis of their needs, research, and analysis before making educated recommendations to implement new functions that solve business needs.

Top consulting firms are conscientious of budgets, timelines, and scope creep and use an approach to problem-solving that allows clients to collaborate in solution development while leveraging the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. One key focus is to not ‘recreate the wheel’ when there is already one available. Using as much of the native functionality within the system and extending it with custom development only when it makes sense will help to limit future complications.

We frequently engage with relatively immature NetSuite instances where our experience and analysis are leveraged to “rescue implementations” or develop custom solutions that should have been achieved using native features or a combination extending core tools to create a better design. Occasionally, we even come across some real head-scratchers when the development effort completely rebuilt the aforementioned wheel in such a way that it requires unwinding everything that was developed because the process is not extensible or sustainable.

Recently, a client brought us on board to assist them with their WMS and supply chain issues. After some initial discovery and minimal evaluation of what a prior team implemented, it became apparent that they have been led down a path that is likely unsustainable in the long term. 

The decision was made to not use the built-in inventory management functionality in NetSuite to manage serial and lot numbers.  Serial and lot number functionality is core to the entire inventory management process and has many functions natively built around the item management infrastructure. In this case, custom records were created to manage serial numbers outside the item record, requiring duplicate detection and other native functions to be scripted in lieu of native functionality.

If the customer had been instructed to use the system as built, then none of the custom development would have been necessary, and we would not be trying to assist them in determining why things do not work correctly. This is a prime example of a negative engagement where the consulting team failed the customer. Sadly, the customer is forced to incur more costs down the road to unwind and update what should have been done with native NetSuite functionality.

In another project, our firm engaged with a client whose previous consulting team developed a custom approval workflow process to support dollar thresholds and multi-level approvals using email. Sadly, this functionality could have been accomplished using NetSuite SuiteApprovals, a free SuiteApp that provided everything that the custom-developed approval solution did, with no development required. A few hours of configuration and testing would have saved thousands of dollars in custom development.

If you have any query with this process, connect with NetSuite experts, they will be happy to help you in every way possible. 


The above examples are just a few of the many scenarios we come across in projects where clients are led down a complex development path instead of exploring out-of-the-box or partner-developed solutions. Please take time to speak with at least one of your NetSuite partner’s previous customers to ensure they have a good track record for designing, recommending, or developing solutions before hiring them. A little due diligence should help your company identify a credible partner to implement the best solution for our needs.

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