Streamlining Document Generation in NetSuite: Creating Custom PDF Templates with CSS Styling from Saved Searches

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Tech Talk


NetSuite is a robust solution that empowers businesses to manage their financials and customer relationships. One powerful feature that NetSuite ERP offers is the ability to generate custom PDF templates with CSS styling directly from saved searches. This functionality enhances the visual appeal of documents and streamlines the document generation process, providing a more efficient and tailored approach to reporting.


How to Generate a Custom PDF Template with CSS Styling from a Saved Search in NetSuite ERP:

  • Navigate to the Saved Search: Begin by accessing the ‘Lists’ menu in NetSuite and selecting ‘Saved Searches.’ Choose the saved search that contains the data needed for the PDF template.
  • Select the ‘New Template’ Button: Within the saved search, locate the ‘New Template’ button option at the top or bottom of the screen. Clicking on this option will open up a menu that allows you to customize the PDF layout.
  • Design Your PDF Template with CSS: NetSuite ERP provides a user-friendly interface for designing PDF templates including NetSuite invoice template. Leverage the embedded HTML and CSS editor to define the structure and style of the PDF. This includes specifying fonts, colors, alignments, and other stylistic elements to align with brand guidelines.

Standard output before edits:

Custom output after edits:

  • Preview and Adjust: Utilize the preview functionality to see how the PDF template will appear. Make necessary adjustments to ensure the layout is aesthetically pleasing and effectively communicates the desired information.

To preview, select the print icon:

Then select the template:

  • Save and Apply: Once satisfied with the design, save the custom PDF template. The template can then be applied to future reports generated from the same saved search.

Why is this Functionality Useful:

1. Brand Consistency: 

Custom PDF templates in NetSuite Accounting or ERP enable businesses to maintain brand consistency across documents. By incorporating company colors, logos, and fonts, organizations can present a professional and cohesive consistency throughout reporting.

2. Efficiency and Time Savings: 

The ability to generate PDFs directly from saved searches streamlines the reporting process. This eliminates the need for manual data extraction and formatting, saving valuable time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

3. Tailored Communication: 

Different stakeholders may require specific information from reports. Custom PDF templates in NetSuite consolidated reporting allow businesses to tailor the content and presentation of documents based on the intended audience, ensuring that each recipient receives the most relevant and impactful information.

4. Compliance and Accuracy: 

Standardized templates with CSS styling enhance the readability of documents, promoting better comprehension and reducing the risk of misinterpretation. This is particularly crucial for compliance-related reports where accuracy and clarity are paramount.


In conclusion, the ability to generate custom PDF templates with CSS styling from saved searches in NetSuite CRM or ERP represents a valuable feature for businesses seeking to elevate their document generation processes. By combining visual appeal with efficiency, organizations can present information in a manner that is aligned with their brand identity and communication objectives. This functionality exemplifies NetSuite’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to optimize their operations.

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