Choosing a NetSuite Consulting Partner

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With over 34,000 customers worldwide, NetSuite is the leading cloud-enabled ERP service provider globally, and for good reason. NetSuite offers a comprehensive suite of business automation tools, providing the scalability and flexibility needed for growing businesses. However, with many enterprises using NetSuite, experiences with NetSuite Direct Services and various Solutions Partners can vary greatly. A 2023 study by Gartner indicated that approximately 75% of enterprise ERP projects fail to reach their full potential.

The Importance of the Right NetSuite Partner

One major reason for the high failure rate of ERP implementations is the lack of proper understanding and configuration of NetSuite. Many enterprises do not ask the right questions or prioritize their needs before contracting directly with NetSuite or allowing NetSuite to suggest a partner. Awareness of the numerous solution providers specializing in NetSuite implementations, such as Suite Answers That Work, is crucial. These partners understand that successful implementation depends on comprehending your business needs, asking the right questions, and implementing the correct NetSuite solutions within your budget.

In this blog, we will help you identify the characteristics of a NetSuite services firm worth partnering with, ensuring you maximize your ERP investment.

Do They Have the Appropriate Experience?

While becoming a NetSuite consultant does not have rigid requirements, it is vital that key team members possess the necessary qualifications and experience. Understanding the system’s capabilities and leveraging NetSuite tools effectively allows an ideal partner to think creatively and solve specific module-related challenges.

Boutique NetSuite consulting firms like Suite Answers That Work bring diverse knowledge across various modules, workflow tools, SuiteScript, and third-party application APIs. They not only understand core modules like manufacturing, accounting, CRM, SuiteCommerce, and NetSuite Connector but also know how to configure solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

Building Knowledge and Trust Over Time

A partnership between your business and a NetSuite consulting firm should be built on trust. Look for a firm that is not afraid to say ‘no’ or ask ‘why’ repeatedly until they fully understand the problem you are trying to solve. A trusted partner prioritizes long-term success over short-term billable hours, has a track record of successful projects, and is transparent about past mistakes and learnings.

Be cautious of consultants who promise to meet all your demands. Instead, seek partners who ask the right questions and understand the constraints of your ideas, providing realistic and practical solutions.

Check with Their Customers

The right domain experience is essential for a NetSuite services company, leading to more accurate and focused service delivery. A good indication of their expertise is the questions they ask about your business direction. Ensure they have the capability to oversee and execute your project effectively, communicate goals clearly, and set a roadmap for efficient project management.

Leading with Honesty and Integrity

Mistakes are inevitable, but skilled consultants distinguish themselves by how they handle obstacles. Observe how your NetSuite consulting firm responds to errors. Do they conceal mistakes, or do they take responsibility and provide solutions? A firm that owns up to mistakes and offers remedies instead of excuses is more likely to support your long-term success.

Constant Support

Businesses often require ongoing assistance, whether for continuous training or further optimization. Choose a NetSuite services firm committed to a lasting partnership and focused on the continual success of your software implementation. The right partner will help your team derive maximum value and guide you from start to finish in a highly collaborative manner.


While NetSuite ERP is highly effective, initial challenges are common. When selecting a NetSuite consulting firm, ensure their experts are skilled in utilizing NetSuite’s advanced features to support your business growth. Your implementation should be as crucial as the software itself, and finding a partner like Suite Answers That Work is an investment in your business’s future.

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