Change Management Part 1: Communication

by | Nov 16, 2022 | NetSuite Fundamentals


Many people are not aware of what change management is, and this process involves planning and implementing changes. This process must be carried out properly, so the changes can be implemented smoothly.  

One of the most critical factors an organization should consider when implementing a new system is the design of its communication strategy. This strategy can help facilitate the process of change. Having a clear understanding of the team’s role and the new system’s requirements can also help improve the management of the project.  

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, a novelist, said “nothing in life is more painful than a sudden and great change.” She did not intend to refer to change management, but anyone who has ever tried implementing such changes would agree it is applicable. According to several business studies, over 70% of the changes organizations try to accomplish, fail. This means, to be in the 30% who are successful, a change management strategy is needed. This is because the people who are affected by the change are the ones who will ultimately sustain it.  

Getting people to support a change is a challenging task, especially when they have emotional reactions to it. For them to do so, their cooperation is necessary. Adopting a new strategy successfully depends on the understanding of its purpose for the team/company. To effectively manage communication between your entire team, here are six tips from top NetSuite consultants.  


Overly Communicate  

Make sure to communicate often and early. It is important to be specific so that your employees can easily understand the changes. Provide a detailed plan of action that is concise and clear.  

Choose the Right People   

Most employees want to hear about changes through their direct supervisor. It is important to have the right people in place to facilitate this type of communication which can ensure that the various teams/departments are engaged in the process from the start.  

Use Multichannel Communication  

Rather than relying on one medium to discuss new ideas and resolve inquiries, reach out to people using various platforms. Emails, Newsletters, Slack channels, Teams chat, and live meetings are great ways to communicate with your team quickly about updates with the project/change process.  

Get Ready for Resistance  

Even if the change is justified, people are bound to resist. According to the Kbler-Ross Change Curve, people affected by a change will likely experience emotional reactions. They may go through the stages of grief, depression, bargaining, and denial before reaching acceptance. By preparing for these reactions, you can communicate with empathy. Before making a change, make sure you have identified the potential objections and have prepared responses.   

Be Open to Feedback  

Communication between people and change management is essential. Listening to the people who are affected by the change enables you to design/tweak a successful change implementation process. You can gather information through various communication channels (e.g., meetings, surveys, shared documents, etc.) to help manage feedback/issues.  


Although you may have already planned the change, it is still new to everyone else. Therefore, it is important employees are regularly informed about it. The “rule of seven” is a marketing phrase that states people need to hear your message seven times before they will act on it. When a change is announced, people tend to focus on how it will affect them personally, instead of the details. Their minds might also be clouded by their initial resistance to the change, making it hard for them to understand its purpose. Repeating your message helps employees understand the reason behind the change and helps them understand how it will affect them. It also provides the opportunity to implement effective communication strategies. For more information regarding anything in this blog, you can directly get in touch with NetSuite experts, they will be happy to help you in every way possible.


A critical part of any organization’s operations is change management. Employees must be prepared for the changes that will happen, and it is also critical that everyone follows the process and is held accountable. If an organization has a good communication plan in place to help employees through the transition, this can minimize stress and confusion, while ensuring that the changes are carried out effectively.  

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